Brook Vaughn

Hey guys my name is Brooklynn A.K.A Brook! I am the proud owner of Brook's Captured Moments! I'm Literally obsessed with photography, it's truly my die hard passion! When I was 11 years young all of my social media "about me's",  word for word said "my dream is to be a photographer and thats  all I have to say" and yes there were no punctuation or capitalization, just short, simple, and straight to the point!


When asked How being a photographer has impacted my life, I could think of a billion ways, and I think if that little 11 year old girl could see me now, I think tha she would be so proud! I made her dreams come true, I really did it! I had a dream and I made it a reality. My Parents always told us that you can make your dreams come true and the only thing that's stopping you is you. I never really grasped that in a sense of believing it. I am now not only a firm believer of that, but I am also now an example! Photography will forever be my passion!


I have the best parents, who always pushes me to my limits, a wonderful husband (soon to be the best dad ever) who supports me %100 and pushes me to reach every goal, a little babe on the way, and my angel of a brother cheering me on from heaven!


my dream is to be the best photographer I can be and thats  all I have to say