Brook's Captured Moments

established in  2015

From the time I was little I always appreciated the fact that photography is telling a story without words, being behind the camera has always felt like home to me! I have two baby girls, My daughter Ollie, and my doggy Baby Bones! I'm  Crazy about many things, so here's a list!

-God (All the glory to him)

-My Precious Baby girl Ollie and her daddy! (they are my life)

-My dog! (she is seriously the sweetest and she is a rescue dog, you can ask me more about her story!)

-My Family (I couldn't live without them)

-COFFEE (notice the all caps)

-Traveling (One of my favorite things to do)

-Good Food and Good people

-LIFE (Life is so short, but man it's so truly beautiful)

-Photography (obviously)

-Fashion (I love wearing weird things)

-Experiencing new things (the world is so big, there are so many things to experience)

-Singing Karaoke in long car rides (if you happen to be in a long car ride with me..there will be karaoke)

-Wearing my hair in a bun (My go to editing day hair)

-Oversized sweaters 

-Oversized anything

-Laughter (you know, the kind like where you can't breathe)


"i love to take pictures iplan on being a photographer when I grow up and thats all I have to say (:"

-12 year old me