Brook's Captured Moments

established in  2015

From the time I was little I always appreciated the fact that photography is telling a story without words, being behind the camera has always felt like home to me!I started taking pictures when I was 11 and literally haven’t looked back since.. i’ve never had another job! I have a sweet baby girl named Ollie she is almost 2, I can’t wait to see how she inspires me!

I truly have one of the best jobs ever, I call it a feel good job. I’m constantly surrounded by excitement! Whether your excited because you’re graduating high school, growing a baby and soon putting life on this earth, getting engaged, your baby is turning 1, or you’re getting married! Whatever it may be, at that moment in your life its truly the biggest one yet, and I get to not only be surrounded by it, I get to be apart of it! So thank you for trusting me to make the most exciting moments in your life, stand still forever.

"i love to take pictures iplan on being a photographer when I grow up and thats all I have to say (:"

-12 year old me