Never forget, how wildly capable you are.


Tag a longs $150

-Shoot of your choice to tag along and take photos while I pose the subjects

Film $500

-learn inside and out how I do video from camera to computer

Newbie $350

-Teach Manual on your camera and go on a shoot of your choice!

Climbing Up $500

-Go along on a shoot, I pose the subjects and so do you, I teach my posing techniques and prompts that I give my subjects, and we will go chill in a coffee shop or over drinks that evening/ next day and go through my editing process! Feel free to ask any questions at all and I will answer!

We’ve got a Pro $350

-Tag along to a wedding with my second shooter and I!

The Whole Damn Thing $1,300

-everything up above, includes 3 shoot alongs, two weddings, and 4 editing sessions